"DEN works for changing & improving lives and society"

Initiates development change making (economical, social, personal)since 2005 in rural Bangladesh

Who We Are

DEN (Development through Empowering Nation) is a development organisation dedicated to alleviate poverty and other hindrance in the society by empowering people, social standard and helping them to bring about encouraging changes in their lives & others development indicators by creating opportunities and bringing problems and solutions on board from its inception.

By providing training & developing skills for all level, creating awareness & promotions, empowering women & youth and creating employment & promoting entrepreneurship as well as highlighting socio-cultural values DEN steps forward as a whole. 

What We Do

DEN realizes that poverty other challenges are systems and these underlying causes are manifold and interlinked. Only financial solvency is not the poverty alleviation. There are many poverty around us. Likewise economy, education, awareness, aesthetics are also the poverty. Social justice, humanity, accountability and such are also the significant component of development. Concerning these, DEN also works the area of holistic development of human society addressing natural development as well.

Programme & Project

Targeting vivid social sections & development (poverty alleviation and equality, empowerment, gender, governance, education, health, women & children issues, anti-human trafficking, social justice, humanity & protection, youth development, environment/climate change, information & technology transfer etc.) DEN operates its programmes considering positive and sustainable changes. DEN beliefs that the small initiative also can bring remarkable change to the human lives and society. SO WE ARE EVEN GO THROUGH LITTLE ONE initiative…