Special & humanitarian initiatives & SOS Program

DEN special initiative for humanity urgency. It serves and co-opts as people get instant support and cope with the changing factors and against disaster (natural and man-made). It helps people in the crucial stage to revive ans get hope to confront and to stance! Mainly it aims to create some pace for the affected people as the can survive as well as back again in their respectable life with employment or entrepreneurship and move forward.

This initiative aims to MAKE PEOPLE SELF-EMPLOYED AND REDUCE ECONOMICAL POVERTY. We work here in two segments-
1. Livelihood Maintenance (It ensures food and common expenses).
2. Savings (Daily savings for uplifting status and moving towards better proposition)

There are some proven initiatives as- Rickshaw Project, Small Fruit Shop, Muri Project, Mobile Vanshop etc. Such initiate are almost risk free and work for poverty alleviation as well as teaches people to lead life with dignity.

A small initiative to get stance to confront against natural disaster and sudden devastation.
Such initiative covers the instant food and important livelihood support.

A small cooperation to ultra poor family children TO CONTINUE EDUCATION AND STOP DROPPING. It supports to provide learning materials, transportation, food, stipend and entertaining activity among the children. Sometime we provide group tuition covering their curriculum and civic responsibility with motivation.

Our study result shows that the children get adequate food can learn well and make good result whether the mal-nutrition grabbing children not. So we provide some health SUPPORT AND NUTRITIOUS FOOD to the ultra poor family’s school going children.

It’s very important initiative as we want to SHARE AND CELEBRATE poor people with others and enjoy the religious festival (Eid, Shab-e-barat, Durgapooja, Christmas Day and others including indigenous people) promptly and indiscriminately.

** any one can participate us with spreading their hand in such humanitarian initiative!