What We Do

DEN realizes that poverty other challenges are systems and these underlying causes are manifold and interlinked. Only financial solvency is not the poverty alleviation. There are many poverty around us. Likewise economy, education, awareness, aesthetics are also the poverty. Social justice, humanity, accountability and such are also the significant component of development. Concerning these, DEN also works the area of holistic development of human society addressing natural development as well.

In order for the poor to come out of poverty, they must have the tools to fight it across all fronts. We have, therefore, developed support services in the areas of human rights and social empowerment, education and health, economic empowerment and enterprise development, livelihood training, environmental sustainability and disaster preparedness. Gender equality, respect for the environment and inclusivity are themes crosscutting all of our activities.

Though DEN is a small organisation, it focuses all the hidden angel around the circle through-
• research & study
• awareness & promotion
• action and evaluation and
• the next and future considering past experiences.

DEN always priorities equality and social bondage from the humanitarian angel but with the just and fairness.